10 Ways to Stay Positive in a Negative World

I've noticed quite a few of my friends with the blues this week. A large number of my close friends struggle with depression and/or anxiety, or some other mental illness, and they are far more susceptible to the negativity in the world, be it a nasty comment made by someone towards them, a horrific news … Continue reading 10 Ways to Stay Positive in a Negative World


Spring Motorcycle Ride

It's not uncommon for spur of the moment bike rides, especially when a lot of our friends are bikers. Our friend just recently got his bike out of the shop and naturally we had to celebrate with a little scoot around town. Now, his bike was actually the bike that started our relationship. When Mr. … Continue reading Spring Motorcycle Ride

Baby Shower on a Budget

In my last article, I spoke about co-hosting a baby shower for my best friend who is due in March. We kept with the theme of her gender reveal, blue and green. Money, at the time, was tight. Mr. Cozy Cottage was still going through medical stuff and had surgery in January with a few … Continue reading Baby Shower on a Budget

Lessons Learned from Loving a Biker

In the 3 years that Mr. Cozy Cottage and I have been together, I have learned a lot about loving a biker. Now, men themselves are hard to handle, but bikers are truly a different breed. I mean, they're hobbies are riding a death machine at 60mph at least, so they have a different outlook … Continue reading Lessons Learned from Loving a Biker

Spring is Near

As Spring draws near, the temps are slowly rising, green grass is making an appearance, and the sky is turning a brighter shade of blue as opposed to the grayer hue in Winter. This will be our first Spring at Serenity Acres, and I'm already excited about what's to come. I am finally able to … Continue reading Spring is Near

Keeping it Real

You know, when I decided to start a lifestyle blog, I had every intention of keeping up with it. Here's what I thought it would be: I'm going to post lots of crafts and recipes and homemaking tips! My friends love what I do, and I'm sure others will too! Best of intentions. In turn, … Continue reading Keeping it Real

Holidays with the Cozy Cottage Clan!

Whew! Holy moly! Is anyone else still exhausted from Christmas and New Year celebrations? I'm just getting life back to normal, though the poor house is still a wreck and I haven't even started to take down our decorations. We had 3 Christmases this year, one which was mixed in on New Year's Eve. So … Continue reading Holidays with the Cozy Cottage Clan!

Dealing with Anxiety During the Holidays

Like many other adults in the United States, I suffer from anxiety. While it's mild now, just two years ago it was borderline out of control. Since then, I've learned to manage it by learning my triggers (finances, too much social activity, impromptu events, and the feeling of being rushed) and focusing on my my … Continue reading Dealing with Anxiety During the Holidays

It’s the Craziest Time of the Year

I tell you what, it has been a crazy week!!! It's been fun and productive, but there definitely hasn't been a lot of time to hold still and write. My mornings have been spent crawling out of bed and getting to work before the coffee is done, and I'm lucky if I stay awake until … Continue reading It’s the Craziest Time of the Year

Riding for a Cause

I get to cross something off of my winter bucket list! Yay! Sunday, Mr. Cozy Cottage and I were invited to go on a toy run, which is a charity biker event. Here's how it basically works. A lot of bikers get together and buy toys (their entry to the toy run). They ride from … Continue reading Riding for a Cause