DIY Raised Garden Beds

For our first year, we decided to build raised beds for a small, varied garden. Our soil was horrid when we moved in, and most of it still is. Some of still won't even grow grass or weeds, let alone sustain vegetables. Not to mention it's hard as a rock and impossible to break up … Continue reading DIY Raised Garden Beds


Tips for Starting Your First Homestead

For years, I have dreamed of owning land. I wanted a garden, chickens, goats. I wanted my children to grow up knowing the benefits of hard work. That dream is now a reality since we purchased Serenity Acres. I still want all of that, but now it's a bit overwhelming. My parents even went through … Continue reading Tips for Starting Your First Homestead

Homesteading without Land

When we purchased Serenity Acres, our friends cheered for us. We were the first to accomplish home ownership. Not just owning a house, but owning land and a workshop and getting one step closer to our dreams of self-sufficiency. Many of our friends are like-minded, but circumstances make it difficult. It's really hard to have … Continue reading Homesteading without Land