Homesteading without Land

When we purchased Serenity Acres, our friends cheered for us. We were the first to accomplish home ownership. Not just owning a house, but owning land and a workshop and getting one step closer to our dreams of self-sufficiency. Many of our friends are like-minded, but circumstances make it difficult. It's really hard to have … Continue reading Homesteading without Land


Bullet Journaling: How I Organize the Chaos

I love Pinterest. I mean, I really love Pinterest. I go there to look up one thing and the next thing I know I have lost hours of my time. My boards are full of crafts and recipes and quotes, saved for that "someday" that may never actually come. Out of my 2,000+ pins, about 2/3 … Continue reading Bullet Journaling: How I Organize the Chaos

Keeping it Real

You know, when I decided to start a lifestyle blog, I had every intention of keeping up with it. Here's what I thought it would be: I'm going to post lots of crafts and recipes and homemaking tips! My friends love what I do, and I'm sure others will too! Best of intentions. In turn, … Continue reading Keeping it Real

The Best Gluten-Free, No-Chill Sugar Cookies

At the end of August this year, Mr. Cozy Cottage was sort of diagnosed with Celiac disease. I say sort of because the markers for the blood test didn't show up because I had already had him on a gluten-free diet for 6 months. Our wonderful doctor told us that if the diet was working … Continue reading The Best Gluten-Free, No-Chill Sugar Cookies

Easy Homemade Eggnog

Eggnog is definitely one of those things that people either really love or really hate. I fall into the prior category. I wait until December to drink eggnog. Really, I could make this any time I want to, but it just doesn't feel the same drinking it in July. It's also unbearable in July, so … Continue reading Easy Homemade Eggnog

16 Tips for a Happy Marriage

My brother (I just kind of adopted him years ago and so did my family) is getting married next weekend, and I am just tickled pink!! He is such an amazing man, and she is an equally amazing woman. They complement each other so well, and I wish them a lifetime of happiness that they both deserve. I am by no means a relationship expert, but I have learned through the example of my parents and grandparents, from the way my future mother-in-law talks about her late husband (my would-be father-in-law), by observing working relationships, by screwing up in several of mine, and finally through the love I share with Mr. Cozy Cottage. So I thought I'd share, and hopefully many others will agree.

My First Gluten-Free Failure

It was a total and utter catastrophe, y'all. I was covered in GF flour, as was the counter, the flour, and the dog (he helps by sitting by my feet). My pie crust, instead of rolling easily into my antique Corningware pie dish, had crumbled itself into the plate. Large parts of it were stuck … Continue reading My First Gluten-Free Failure

How to Get Motivated to Clean

As a homemaker, I frequently find myself in a rut. The daily routine sometimes seems daunting despite the tasks being relatively simple. Laundry, dishes, tidying, seems never ending. I know others feel the same way. Here are some guaranteed ways to beat the demons of "laziness" and "procrastination".