National Pets Day: Pets of Cozy Cottage

Today is National Pets Day! I think it’s kind of neat that there are so many days dedicated to fun and wonderful things these days. Pets, siblings, pirates, doughnuts, pizza – you name it, there’s a day for it.

For most people, pets are more than mere companions; they’re family. Ours are no different. They all have little personalities, quirks, favorite things, and dislikes. And ours are completely spoiled rotten. There’s even a coat rack near our front door for their coats and sweaters and leashes. I make most all their clothes, as well as their food. They are like our children.

So since it’s Pets Day, I thought y’all might like to meet the pets of the Cozy Cottage!


Nubi is our oldest baby. He’s an 8-year-old chihuahua and is sweet as pie…if you’re family. He isn’t big on change…or strangers…or loud noises. He goes crazy of boiled peanuts and farm fresh eggs, and he LOVES to snuggle in his green blanket. He also enjoys watching cartoons (Teen Titans Go). When I moved in with Mr. Cozy Cottage, he warned me that Nubi was going to bark his head off at me for 3 straight months until he got used to me. Read above: he doesn’t like change or strangers. Within 5 minutes of me walking in the door, Nubi was not only not barking at me, but was sitting in my lap and kissing my face. He then looked at Mr. Cozy Cottage with a face that we swore said, “Dad, I pick this one. This one is going to be my Mommy.” Well, here we are years later, and I am definitely his Mommy.



Ah, Gidget. She is technically my mother-in-law’s baby. Of course, my MIL lives with us, so that means she’s still our baby too. She is the sweetest little thing. Very girly and dainty. She is a lover of all things pink and soft, and a big lover of cuddles. She buries herself in blankets, and I’ve accidentally sat on her multiple times because I think it’s just a pile of blankets. She is definitely a diva. She always looks her best and hates dirt and yuckiness.


Scooby was the baby of the family until November, and he hasn’t fully accepted his new role as the “middle child.” He’s still my baby boy, even though Mommy’s attention is a little scattered now. He is a fluffy, rough and tumble, little ball of happiness. I’ve never met a dog whose sole goal in life was to be happy and to make everyone else happy. He greets you with kisses and a toy, likes to snuggle, LOVES to play fetch. I think his feet would have to fall off before he gave up on a game of fetch. He’s also training to be a farm dog and enjoys his trips out to the chicken coop in the morning. He goes bananas over bananas, and will watch animal documentaries all day if you let him…unless another animal gets hurt. Then he cries. He’s also obsessed with puzzles that encourage him to get a hidden toy, which is highly entertaining for us.


Don’t let her looks fool you. She’s a terror. Knucklehead found Mr. Cozy Cottage one cold winter night. She was just a few months old, malnourished, and cold. Needless to say, that night I dropped off his dinner and left with a kitten. He named her Knucklehead, after the last Harley motorcycle ever designed and built by William Harley and Arthur and Walt Davidson. It fit, because she was loud and obnoxious. The name also fit because of the other meaning of the term “knucklehead.” She is the most ungraceful cat I’ve ever seen. She is definitely a princess though, and Mommy’s little girl. She can be very sweet, but when she’s mad she throws a temper tantrum that would put an actual 3-year-old to shame! Her favorite toys are sparkly pom-pom balls and “little red dot,” and she enjoys watching Unsolved Mysteries. I kid you not; she is definitely the feline version of me. Down to the hair color even!


Last, but not least, is Miss Velvet. We were sitting outside on the back porch one night when she just walked up the steps like she was an old friend. She was very friendly and loving, and we decided that it would be good to have a farm cat. However, as we had just spend that month’s expendable income on getting Knucklehead fixed, we didn’t have the funds to get Velvet fixed right away. So….we’re going to have kittens!!!! And we are already in the process of saving ups to get every single one of them – and Velvet – fixed as soon as we can. We haven’t learned too much about Velvet except that she loves love and cuddles. She likes to keep herself neat and tidy. She enjoys destroying the lizard population, but I’m not sure if that’s just her or a pregnancy craving. She also helps out when I’m in the garden and is a great companion.


So there you have it! The pets of the cozy cottage at Serenity Acres! I’m sure we will be having an update within the next month about our new arrivals!




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