It’s not uncommon for spur of the moment bike rides, especially when a lot of our friends are bikers. Our friend just recently got his bike out of the shop and naturally we had to celebrate with a little scoot around town. Now, his bike was actually the bike that started our relationship. When Mr. Cozy Cottage decided to upgrade last fall to a more comfortable bike for weekend trips and longer rides, I was slightly heartbroken to get rid of it. It went to a great home, though, and one that we know will appreciate her as much as we did.

While riding, I usually take my camera, tied onto a long loop of para cord to wear around my neck. On our new bike, Babe, I’m able to take quite a few pictures because my seat is extremely supportive. I can never see where I’m aiming, so it’s kind of a crap shoot, but sometimes I end up with some really cool shots!

Our ride that day started out going down to Warner Robins to pick up some bike parts, and then back up to Macon. We picked up our friend’s girlfriend, who had just woken up. She is adorable and is quickly becoming a biker chick. She came out in her robe, hair all messed up. I called up to her, “Ready to ride?” She got a huge smile on her face and said, “Of course!” and hurried to get ready. We ended up staying a little long than expected waiting on a friend to meet us. Soon we were on the road again, and we headed to our favorite little biker bar for a few rounds of pool, some food, and a drink. Now, this biker bar is usually pretty quiet when we go in the middle of the afternoon, and the people that own it are pretty amazing. That night, we ended up at a Mardi Gras street party for a night out on the town. We don’t often go out, but we thoroughly enjoyed it!

Here are some photos of our ride!





Those who say women talk a lot have never gotten two bikers together talking motorcycles.


Always make sure your tires are good!


I love shots like this!!



When you have a gorgeous sky like this, why would ever want to be in a car?!




Spring Motorcycle Ride

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