Used Book Sale: A Book-aholic’s Dream Day

My hubby is a really dream man. He is always encouraging my interests, and actually takes an interest in them himself. Last year we discovered a really neat event here in Macon – the used book sale. It’s hosted by the Friends of the Library, an organization that supports the local library and literacy programs. The entire organization is run by volunteers, and the proceeds go to buying new books for the libraries, funding many children’s programs, and even to build new branches.

This year, it just happened to coincide with Read Across America Day, and what better way to celebrate! He sets aside a large chunk of money to go to this. We bring a couple bottles of water, wear comfortable clothes, and bring along my mother-in-law’s old laundry cart, since they don’t provide you with one. Last year, we ended up scooting around 3 boxes as we searched. It was exhausting, and we started giving dirty looks to the people who knew better to bring wagons (not really, but we were pretty jealous).


I am definitely the book reader in our household, besides his mother. I’m always scouring thrift stores for neat treasures. Now that we have our own homestead, I’m also collecting books on gardening, working outdoors, craft books, and anything farm and country. Needless to say, I’m always excited to do this, and I plan to do this every year.


The sale is held in a HUGE warehouse in a park downtown. There are tables and tables and boxes and boxes of books. There’s a little something for everyone. It’s all somewhat organized, as well, at least by genre.


Our plan of action is “divide and conquer.” I hauled the cart, and Mr. Cozy Cottage would meet up with me to drop off what he found. We made it through the entire thing in about 2 hours.


This year, we found a lot of neat treasures. We got home to total up the cover prices, and ended up with almost $800 worth of books for less than $70!


I even spent Friday rearranging the bookshelf to fit all of our new books!! I think we may have a problem…


The used book sale takes place every March at Central City Park in Macon, GA, and it’s definitely worth it! To check out their events or to make a donation, please check out their website.



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