DIY Diaper Cake (with a hidden surprise for the mom-to-be!)

I recently co-hosted a baby shower for one of my best friends who is due at the end of March. She’s having a little boy named Vincent Pryce (tell me that name isn’t just AWESOME!), and we are all excited to meet the little devil. My first idea was that I wanted to keep the color scheme the same as her gender reveal party: blue and green for a boy or pink and purple for a girl. So, naturally, the diaper cake needed to fit the bill.


I started buying diapers on sale with coupons. I used a pack of Newborn and a pack of Size 1, totaling 88 diapers in all for the cake. Luvs were way cheaper, and I know other moms who swore by them. You will also need a bottle of wine (our mom-of-honor’s favorite was Barefoot’s red moscato), string, tissue paper, a tray, and whatever you plan to decorate the cake with. I had a tons of ribbon and rolls of tulle, so I lucked out. Originally, I planned to incorporate the baby wipes, but that got nixed pretty quickly. You may also need a hot glue gun.


You will also need little bitty rubber bands. I get these from the Dollar Tree. 500 for $1! I have tons to spare!

The first thing I did was cover my tray with tissue paper. It was a tray from Christmas. While it was green, I didn’t want Santa Claus peeking out from under the cake.

Then I began rolling the diapers.


I rolled from the waistband. It seemed to give a cleaner appearance that way. When you have it rolled tightly, secure it by looping one of those tiny rubber bands around the middle. Do this for all 88 diaper, but keep the sizes separate since they are two different heights.


Once you have all your diapers rolled, place your wine bottle in the center of the tray. You don’t need to glue it down or anything. As your surround the bottle with diapers, it will eventually be wide enough to keep it from tipping over. The string made it easier to deal with the increasing rounds. I tied it around a whole bundle each time I was finished.


The very top was a little tricky. Because the Newborn diapers were taller that the wine bottle, I place one rolled diaper on top of the bottle, in the middle of the tier. It extended the center just enough for me to create the top tier.


When you’re finished with your diapers, it’s time to decorate! I wrapped each tier in folded tissue paper since the diapers were colored. It gave me a clean slate to work with. Also, because I was using fabric ribbon, tulle, and hot glue, it gave me a surface to adhere it to without damaging the diapers. Personally, I think I got a little carried away on the second tier from the bottom. I went through SO much tissue paper just trying to get it to pleat!


Taken on the ironing board in my sewing room. That was a horrible idea. The sewing table is always a creative explosion.

Last, I made little pictures – okay, I kinda swiped them from the internet and edited them before gluing them to cardstock – to cover those ugly seams.

This was my first time hosting a baby shower, and my first time making a diaper cake. Let me know how I did, and I would love to see diaper cakes you’ve made!





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