As Spring draws near, the temps are slowly rising, green grass is making an appearance, and the sky is turning a brighter shade of blue as opposed to the grayer hue in Winter. This will be our first Spring at Serenity Acres, and I’m already excited about what’s to come. I am finally able to see what kind of critters we will have living on our land, as well as the kinds of trees and flowers we have growing wild. I take walks every so often, and when I come across something neat or pretty, I take a picture. I know that in the course of nature, animal tracks will be washed away, flora dies back to be replaced by something new, and everything is constantly changing. I thought it would be nice to share a few of those photos with you and maybe you’d find as much enjoyment in them as I have.


Raccoon tracks: We have dozens of raccoon tracks everywhere here! I love their little hands!


It’s not often that we get pretty sunsets since we’re surrounded by trees, but every now and then I can time it just right to catch the beautiful colors.


Turkey tail: This is a type of mushroom so called for its resemblance to a wild turkey tail. I’m highly allergic to mushrooms whether they’re growing or I eat them, but this is so cool that I just can’t bring myself to get rid of it.


What a weird moon, right? The sky was very strange that night, very foggy and moist. The moon was full and in the perfect position to be framed by the trees.


These two little anoles picked the first warm day to sun themselves on the railing of the back porch. They certainly look like they’re enjoying themselves!


Spring is Near

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