Baby Shower on a Budget

In my last article, I spoke about co-hosting a baby shower for my best friend who is due in March. We kept with the theme of her gender reveal, blue and green. Money, at the time, was tight. Mr. Cozy Cottage was still going through medical stuff and had surgery in January with a few … Continue reading Baby Shower on a Budget


DIY Diaper Cake (with a hidden surprise for the mom-to-be!)

I recently co-hosted a baby shower for one of my best friends who is due at the end of March. She's having a little boy named Vincent Pryce (tell me that name isn't just AWESOME!), and we are all excited to meet the little devil. My first idea was that I wanted to keep the … Continue reading DIY Diaper Cake (with a hidden surprise for the mom-to-be!)

Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

Georgia, specifically Macon, is not the ideal place to live when it comes to Spring and Fall, the two biggest allergy seasons. On top of the giant yellow cloud of pollen emitted from the the pine trees violating me and everything I own, it's cherry blossom season. Every city has their own "thing", and Macon's … Continue reading Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

Tips for Starting Your First Homestead

For years, I have dreamed of owning land. I wanted a garden, chickens, goats. I wanted my children to grow up knowing the benefits of hard work. That dream is now a reality since we purchased Serenity Acres. I still want all of that, but now it's a bit overwhelming. My parents even went through … Continue reading Tips for Starting Your First Homestead

Lessons Learned from Loving a Biker

In the 3 years that Mr. Cozy Cottage and I have been together, I have learned a lot about loving a biker. Now, men themselves are hard to handle, but bikers are truly a different breed. I mean, they're hobbies are riding a death machine at 60mph at least, so they have a different outlook … Continue reading Lessons Learned from Loving a Biker

Homesteading without Land

When we purchased Serenity Acres, our friends cheered for us. We were the first to accomplish home ownership. Not just owning a house, but owning land and a workshop and getting one step closer to our dreams of self-sufficiency. Many of our friends are like-minded, but circumstances make it difficult. It's really hard to have … Continue reading Homesteading without Land

Migraines: What They Are and How to Deal

It feels like your head is being split in half with an axe, like you are going blind, like any smell, noise, light will push you over the edge. You don't know whether to seek hot, cold, touch from others, or whether you can manage to keep medication down, and you can't cry because it … Continue reading Migraines: What They Are and How to Deal

Spring is Near

As Spring draws near, the temps are slowly rising, green grass is making an appearance, and the sky is turning a brighter shade of blue as opposed to the grayer hue in Winter. This will be our first Spring at Serenity Acres, and I'm already excited about what's to come. I am finally able to … Continue reading Spring is Near

Bullet Journaling: How I Organize the Chaos

I love Pinterest. I mean, I really love Pinterest. I go there to look up one thing and the next thing I know I have lost hours of my time. My boards are full of crafts and recipes and quotes, saved for that "someday" that may never actually come. Out of my 2,000+ pins, about 2/3 … Continue reading Bullet Journaling: How I Organize the Chaos

Keeping it Real

You know, when I decided to start a lifestyle blog, I had every intention of keeping up with it. Here's what I thought it would be: I'm going to post lots of crafts and recipes and homemaking tips! My friends love what I do, and I'm sure others will too! Best of intentions. In turn, … Continue reading Keeping it Real