I get to cross something off of my winter bucket list! Yay!


And got to say, ‘Hello’ to Santa!

Sunday, Mr. Cozy Cottage and I were invited to go on a toy run, which is a charity biker event. Here’s how it basically works. A lot of bikers get together and buy toys (their entry to the toy run). They ride from all over to meet up and do the parade of bikes to a previously determined location. There, they donate the toys to the charity foundation.


Our small crew of bikes that rode to Columbus

This particular toy run was sponsored by several motorcycle clubs, including Georgia’s Iron Cross Motorcycle Club. The donations took place at Flat Rock Park in Columbus, GA, to benefit the local Valley Rescue Mission.


If you ever get the chance to visit Flat Rock Park, I highly recommend it. It’s absolutely beautiful!

I was really excited, although I knew it was going to be a miserable ride. I spent Saturday buying toys and miscellaneous rain gear, as well as planning out the several layers we were going to need to comfortably make the 4-hour round-trip ride.


What little boy wouldn’t love Grave Digger? And I’m pretty partial to Merida.

We woke up super early Sunday morning and donned our cold and wet weather gear. For me that included pantyhose, socks, fleece lined tights, rain pants, jeans, multiple layers of thin shirts, 2 scarves, and a thick crocheted beanie. I even went to far as to put my feet in grocery bags before putting on my boots. And then there were the leather chaps and jacket, and Thinsulate hunting gloves that were both water- and wind-proof. Yeah…my range of motion wasn’t very much. I also only drank a minimal amount of coffee that morning for fear that my poor bladder would explode before I got all those layers off. Not to mention there weren’t going to be a whole lot of opportunities to, um, go.


One shot before we became icicles!

We met up with one rider and rode to Reynolds, Georgia, where we met up with a few other riders who were also bundle up as much as we were. We took a break to stretch our legs and warm up, since the temperature drops considerably when you’re on a motorcycle. Then we saddled up and rode the rest of the way to Columbus, Georgia.


My favorite shot of the day! We rode back a ways from the club members as a sign of respect.

Unfortunately, we did not get to participate in the Parade of Bikes, the part of the run where you meet up with everyone else and ride from one starting point to the place the event was being held. We were too late for the line up since we got caught up in the weather, so we rode straight to Flat Rock Park for the day’s events. It was pretty nice, though. We filled up our bellies and I finally got to have another cup of coffee (desperately needed at that point). And just as we were finishing up, the Parade of Bikes entered the park. It was awesome to hear the sound of so many motorcycles and to know that all these people showed up to support a fantastic cause.


The start of the Parade of Bikes

After everyone had lunch, the winners of the show bikes were announced. The trophies were handmade and looked amazing!! They also did a raffle and several drawings. We didn’t win anything, but the proceeds from the tickets and drawings went straight to the rescue mission.


Tell me this isn’t the coolest 1st prize trophy! It’s made completely out of spare motorcycle parts!


By the time we got back on the bikes to head home, the temperature had dropped again. We returned home and immediately changed out of our gear and wet clothes. We were exhausted, so we had less patience with the weather on the return trip.


Look at how dreary the day was!

I immediately set to work putting the kettle on, building a fire, and making soup. I wanted it as warm and cozy as possible. Which it was by the time my mother-in-law got home. She was soaked to the bone from being in a parade that day.


Proudly sporting my new toy run shirt and all warm and cozy.

Apparently, I made it a little too cozy. Mr. Cozy Cottage passed out in the recliner in front of the fire. Scooby brought him his new Christmas toys to sleep with. It was absolutely adorable. It was a perfect way to end the evening!


Someone got a little too cozy!


Riding for a Cause

3 thoughts on “Riding for a Cause

  1. Heh, good day by the look of it! I usually try to go on the London Ace Cafe toy runs and paws and claws animal hospice runs. Always a good day for a good cause.


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