My Morning Routine


I had an absolutely awful day yesterday. I mean, everything that could go wrong did. I misplaced the title to the motorcycle we sold, the animals were balls-to-the-wall insane, hubby and I argued (nothing major, just a miscommunication), I forgot to send hubby with his lunch for the day…yeah. It’s all that little stuff that adds up that can really get to you. Later yesterday, I even almost hit a lady crossing the road with a baby stroller because she decided to cross a busy road at dusk when she could have walked 20 yards and used a crosswalk. I slammed on the brakes and almost got rear-ended, and spewed a truck-full of horrible comments. Not my finest moment, mind you. But I did it. I’m human.

Later that evening while I was snuggling the kitten by the fire, I reflected on the day. My morning routine had been off. I realized that I really need that routine to get me going throughout my day, and to start my day off on the right foot. Scooby, my toddler of a mutt, woke me up before my alarm squeaking his new toy my mother-in-law bought him. That’s what started it all. That was literally the downfall to my day and I just couldn’t make it right.

The benefits of having a morning routine are endless. It gives you a sense of purpose and preparedness. It allows you to know exactly what’s going to happen. It gives you control, space, and “me time.” If you find yourself aimless or frustrated during your normal day, perhaps consider starting up set routine that’s easy and flexible for you to follow. Now, granted, kids thrown into the mix, there are a series of unpredictable events, but you can always tweak your routine later. Just set it up to where it works for the here and now.


7:00 – My alarm goes off. It doesn’t matter what time I went to bed, when that alarm goes off I must get up. I may hit the snooze alarm a few times, but by 7:30 I force myself out of my comfy bed to start my day. I stumble to the kitchen, heat up some leftover coffee, make fresh coffee, and head out with Scooby to feed the chickens and let them out of the coop. Bless their little feathered hearts, some days they are the only reason I know I must get out of bed.

Scooby knows that Mommy’s first cup of coffee is a precious time. He doesn’t invite me to play with his toys, and instead chews on his bone. We call this Coffee and Bone time, and we both desperately need it. He does some much desired work on his favorite bone, and I check my Facebook, messages, and email.

8:00 – I send Scooby and Nubi in to wake up my mother-in-law, Cozy Cottage Mom, and her dog, Gidget. She has her routine too, and it starts an hour later than mine. It’s great for her because the coffee is just finishing brewing, and the happy waggles and kisses really start her day off right. I pour her a cup of coffee so she doesn’t even have to worry about it. She does the same thing – plays on Pinterest, checks her Facebook and the weather, and will read and snuggle puppies to get her mind focused. During this time, I will usually plan out my day and start on a blog entry.

9:30 – The dogs are now clamoring for breakfast, if they haven’t started a full half hour before that point. We feed them and the kitten, and I make Mr. Cozy Cottage’s tea. Little does he know that he has a routine too.

10:00 – I start getting Mr. Cozy Cottage out of bed by bringing him his piping hot cup of tea, and greeting him with a smile. I used to have to pester him to get up and moving. These days, I just tell him his tea is getting cold and he jumps right up. Cold English breakfast is apparently that awful. I also start moving around and getting dressed. For some reason, I just can’t feel productive in pajama or yoga pants. I must be fully dressed with my hair at least in a ponytail before I feel like I can do anything, even if it’s just laundry.

11:00 – I make him something light for breakfast and pack his lunch if necessary (I only do this on his 10-12 hour days). And we brush up on each other’s previous day, plans for the current day, bills that are due, and discuss the upcoming week.

11:30 – Mr. Cozy Cottage and Cozy Cottage Mom leave for work, and I kick myself into what I had planned for the day. Sometimes it’s errands and I’ll leave when they do. Sometimes it’s just laundry and housework. Sometimes it’s blogging. Either way, I have a plan of action and I stick to it as much as I can.

So there’s my little routine, in detail. I hope that it helps you to establish your own routine. If you have one set up, what are some things that really make your morning run smoothly?



3 thoughts on “My Morning Routine

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    • HAHAHA!!!! I wouldn’t know. Mine never gets the chance to cool down that much. But however bad it is, it sure jumps him right out of bed!


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