The Best Gluten-Free, No-Chill Sugar Cookies

At the end of August this year, Mr. Cozy Cottage was sort of diagnosed with Celiac disease. I say sort of because the markers for the blood test didn't show up because I had already had him on a gluten-free diet for 6 months. Our wonderful doctor told us that if the diet was working … Continue reading The Best Gluten-Free, No-Chill Sugar Cookies


Dealing with Anxiety During the Holidays

Like many other adults in the United States, I suffer from anxiety. While it's mild now, just two years ago it was borderline out of control. Since then, I've learned to manage it by learning my triggers (finances, too much social activity, impromptu events, and the feeling of being rushed) and focusing on my my … Continue reading Dealing with Anxiety During the Holidays

Easy Homemade Eggnog

Eggnog is definitely one of those things that people either really love or really hate. I fall into the prior category. I wait until December to drink eggnog. Really, I could make this any time I want to, but it just doesn't feel the same drinking it in July. It's also unbearable in July, so … Continue reading Easy Homemade Eggnog

It’s the Craziest Time of the Year

I tell you what, it has been a crazy week!!! It's been fun and productive, but there definitely hasn't been a lot of time to hold still and write. My mornings have been spent crawling out of bed and getting to work before the coffee is done, and I'm lucky if I stay awake until … Continue reading It’s the Craziest Time of the Year

Riding for a Cause

I get to cross something off of my winter bucket list! Yay! Sunday, Mr. Cozy Cottage and I were invited to go on a toy run, which is a charity biker event. Here's how it basically works. A lot of bikers get together and buy toys (their entry to the toy run). They ride from … Continue reading Riding for a Cause

Bean and Sausage Soup: A Pressure Cooker Recipe

Here at Serenity Acres, we may be in Georgia, but we still get cool temps. It's getting down to 48 tonight. Not too bad until you realize that we're used to dealing with temperatures of 100+ degrees and at least 80% humidity. Regardless, it's time for soup! Mr. Cozy Cottage swears by my soups. I … Continue reading Bean and Sausage Soup: A Pressure Cooker Recipe

My Morning Routine

The benefits of having a morning routine are endless. It gives you a sense of purpose and preparedness. It allows you to know exactly what's going to happen. It gives you control, space, and "me time." If you find yourself aimless or frustrated during your normal day, perhaps consider starting up set routine that's easy and flexible for you to follow.

Winter Bucket List Ideas

Ah...winter. The time for cozy fires, snuggly sweaters, cute hats and scarves, hot cocoa, and building snowmen. Feel free to swipe my list, add to it, take away from it...and if you have a fantastic idea of something you love to do, please add it to the comments below!