Some Time Away…

I would first like to apologize to the few reader that I have so far. I made a commitment to this blog, and I’ve failed it the past couple of weeks. But I’ll be jumping back on this week with some awesome articles! Here’s what’s been going on with the Cozy Cottage Clan the past few weeks.

I ended up with a killer head cold. I tried every remedy, finally broke down and took medicine to no relief, and finally beat it after day 5. Needless to say, my enthusiasm for anything besides sleep was next to nothing. I made an awesome Bean and Ham Soup that certainly helped; you’ll find the recipe later this week. I managed to get some in progress photos for the blog entry, but it was gone as soon as it was done, so no finished shots.

The second thing that happened this week was our decision on where to take our vacation this year. We’ve still be getting back to normal after the holidays this year, Mr. Cozy Cottage is working his butt off since it’s busy season for him, and I’ve been helping my store liquidate. Needless to say, it’s been a bit stressful, so we decided to take our vacation early. I’m going to my first bike rally!! It’s a small one, mind you, in the middle of nowhere in Central Georgia, but we’re excited. We already decided that we will start camping, so we’ve been purchasing camping gear and making plans…just a bit early since our first camping excursion will be for 5 days at the rally. WOOHOO!! It’s going to be extra fun since we have several other friends who decided to join us, so it’s also a mini reunion before Mr. Cozy Cottage and I get married and old and boring. 🙂

We’re also still in wedding planning phase. Figuring out how to do a very inexpensive wedding is a lot of grunt work, I’ll tell you that much. It’s probably a lot easier to just throw money at someone and have them do it. But it’s fun…for me at least. In the meantime, my brother is getting married in a month and I am the Best Man…or should I say the Best Woman. So there’s been some preparation for that as well.

It’s definitely going to be a very busy year for our little clan, full of exciting events and adventures!! But I’m sticking to the commitment I made, and I’m getting back on track!

Thanks for hanging in there, guys!!


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