One-Skillet Meal: Sausage & Cabbage


It’s one of those nights when I’m too tired to cook. One of those nights when that frozen pizza in the freezer is calling my name. I spent the morning wedding planning, a mind-numbing task of compiling all info into various spreadsheets to make sure we stay in budget. Then off to Goodwill for an outfit for my brother’s wedding. And straight to work, straight home, and working again. Cooking was at the furthest reaches of my mind. And then, just as I reached for that frozen pizza, the frozen sausage beckoned to me. And the image of it cooking together with the fresh head of cabbage in my fridge jolted me out of my trance.

Yes. I would cook tonight. My man has been working hard all day (and so have I!) and deserves a hot meal!

So I defrosted the sausage and created this yummy one-skillet meal:


Normally I serve this over rice and I’ll toss in some leftovers that have been taking up space in the fridge. We’ve eaten it over pasta too, and it’s just as delicious. This time, though, we ate it just like I cooked it with a few biscuits on the side.

What you will need:

14-16 oz. smoked sausage, sliced and cut in half (I used Eckrich, but use your favorite!)
1/2 head of cabbage, cut into small pieces
vegetable or olive oil
salt, pepper, & garlic to taste

**Note: I used a cast iron skillet, but this can be done in a regular or electric skillet as well. For non-stick skillets, use less oil.

How to Create the Deliciousness:

Pour in enough of your preferred oil to cover the bottom of the pan and turn onto medium heat. When your oil is hot, add the cabbage and season. (If you’re using fresh or jarred minced garlic, brown it in the oil before adding the cabbage.) Stir it around until the cabbage is well coated with oil and seasonings.

Let it cook down for 15-20 minutes, stirring frequently.

Add your sausage, and mix well. Let cook for another 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

And…….DONE! Eat up!

As I said above, this is really good when topped over your favorite rice or pasta. It’s light, but filling, and oh so easy!



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